Rainbow Side Channel System Outdoor Blinds Brisbane

Rainbow Side Channel System Outdoor Blinds can span up to 5.8 meters wide, eliminating the need for a centre post. With easy operation, crank or motorisation helping you create an additional outdoor room and protection from the harsh elements.
Head box and flashing available, secure latching bottom bar keeps the fabric taut.

We pride ourselves on difficult jobs including cut outs, odd shapes, zipped doorways and anything out of the ordinary.

Fabrics suitable and available are

  • privacy Mesh (10 year warranty)
  • acrylic canvas (5 year warranty)
  • marine grade PVC (3 year warranty)

Why not upgrade your current blinds with an ALPHA TUBULAR MOTOR or even choose the option of having a SUN and WIND sensors? At Rainbow Blinds and Shutters our motors are covered for 7 years and installed by our mature installers.

You don’t have to worry about the installation in Brisbane. Your Rainbow Side Channel System Outdoor Blinds will be fitted by mature professional installers.

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