Aluminium Awnings Brisbane

Looking for Aluminium Awnings in Brisbane? Here at Rainbow Blinds & Shutters we provide you with the best Aluminium Awnings in Brisbane that fit well into your home lifestyle.

We provide the following different types of Aluminium Awnings in Brisbane:

Aluminium Patio Awnings

Our Aluminium Exterior Awnings - Patio Awning is totally waterproof - Even in the heaviest downpour. The efficient design & construction make it ideal for that exposed deck or balcony. As you will be spending many leisurely hours sitting under it, we made the underside look more

Aluminium Exterior Awnings - Adjustable

An award winning design that has withstood the test of time with its lightweight construction and ease of operation and it will win you too with new modern colors and color coded end-caps.

The Most effective awning for heat control and sun protection... read more

Aluminium Window Hood Awnings

A traditional Window Hood combined with the strength of a regular Aluminium Awning to form what is called an Aluminium Window Hood Awning... read more

Dutch and Eyelid Hood Awnings Blinds

These Dutch and Eyelid Hood Awnings Blinds are manufactured and designed to create a wow factor for your business or more